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Facial Rejuvenation

In our daily social interaction, physical appearance is the one thing that rarely goes unnoticed from those we interact with, apart from his/her speech style and personality snapshot. Be it his/her facial appearance, body shape, or clothes and accessories, physical appearance is believed to have the main role in a person’s individual image. This next article will revolve around the global concept of facial beauty and the role of plastic surgery in achieving it.

Every face is unique. Each holds individual characteristics and anatomical features which differs from one person to another. This should be kept in mind when one is considering a facial refinement or rejuvenation. The more alteration you wish for, the more sacrifice you will have to make.

Like the rest of our body, our faces age along with us. An old face, or also commonly known as a sad face, is formed by several characteristics.

  • Wrinkles form as the result of facial expression accumulated for years, accompanied by the loss of the skin and inner structure’s elasticity. They usually form on the forehead, the area between eyebrows (frown lines), the lateral side of the eyes (crow’s feet), the upper and lower eyelids (periorbital wrinkles), the smiling lines (as deeper nasolabial grooves), and the cheeks.

  • Facial edges start being unidentifiable due to loosening of the skin, particularly on the cheeks, the jowl area (area on the lower jaw between the chin’s middle point and the mandibular angle), and the neck. Hence, the overall face will look more like a square (square aging face). This goes hand-in-hand with the last characteristic.

  • Fatty tissue which filled your face before change their position. Loss of fatty tissue adds to the look of an older face, as seen in children with severe malnutrition. On older people, fatty tissue is not suspended as well as seen on younger people, hence leading to double chin, difficulty in identifying facial edges, thinner temple area, sunken periorbital area, lower or flatter cheek projection, and flabby jowl.

Aside from the aging process, the normal anatomy of a face is intricate in itself, with each of its aspects and structures have their own point of concern. Therefore, rejuvenation and reshaping procedure of the face requires a considerable plastic surgeon skill.

Read the full article on facelift and neck lift for facial rejuvenation here.

(© Teddy O.H. Prasetyono, 2012)

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