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As you know now, aesthetic plastic surgery is a series of surgical procedure aimed at improving physical image, be it facial shape or even whole body shape. It is a medical procedure done by a board-certified plastic surgeon.

To help you make a decision on getting an aesthetic plastic surgery procedure, there are 7 essential tips you can follow:

1. You know what you want

The first and foremost is that you understand yourself.

  • It is not uncommon to find a beautiful and charming woman who views a fine part of her body as unattractive and needs to be refined. In this case, such person possesses a barrier that prevents her to accept her image as it is. Hence, the issue that needs modifying is her own mindset. As an old proverb said, get rid of those old wineskins!

  • In a different circumstance, a fine-looking person can experience a flaw in understanding him/herself due to others’ judgment. In this case, one needs to sift others’ opinions on one’s physical appearance, as they may not always be objective. They might be telling lies about you.

  • As being said above, inability to accept one’s conditions can originate from oneself and others around him/her. Others’ opinions can be a booster to loathe oneself even further. Therefore, break out of your self-imposed prison, and build a positive image in and around you!

  • If you are certain that you do not have any problem as mentioned above, you should ensure that your choice to undergo the plastic surgery procedure is aimed for your own benefit and happiness; not for others including your spouse. As you know, in most surgeries there is no way to go back. It is you who will have to endure any discomfort, make time for the procedure and the recovery period that follows, and prepare yourself for any consequences regarding the procedure. If you can make yourself happy with the change, you can ultimately affect your spouse and others around you to be happy for you.

2. Do your own research

The increasing need for a gorgeous and stunning look in the era of globalization has tempted the growth of many medical service providers who are not competent, even those not from medical society. They often advertise so-called “aesthetic procedures” or “cosmetic procedures” which they claim can transform a person to be more beautiful in just a short period. They often mention cosmetic products and “state-of-the-art” equipments. They also include an appealing price and money-back guarantee. It is no wonder that many have fallen victim to those unprofessional service providers.

One thing that you should bear in mind is that layman people generally have a more limited knowledge compared to medical service providers. A dilemma which may occur is that you often don’t know whether or not a “doctor” whom you face is truly a competent plastic surgeon who has been formally trained and has the legal authority to practice medical procedures. Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate a plastic surgeon from “aesthetic specialist/practitioner”, “aesthetic medicine doctor”, “anti-aging specialist”, “laser specialist doctor”, etc. Make sure that you choose the right doctor for you!

If you are wondering how such predicament can occur, in fact similar situations also occur in many other fields of profession. The main problem is the matter of regulation. The similar predicament happens in advanced countries such as United States of America, Japan, European, and especially Asian countries.

To avoid error in choosing a provider, you should carry out a careful research on plastic surgery service providers. There are a number of sources that can help you note board certified plastic surgeons, such as magazines, hospital information, internet search engine, and official websites of local and international plastic surgeon associations. Theses websites are, for example, for information on Indonesian plastic surgeons,,,, or for international associations for plastic surgeons, and many more.

3. Get support from your close relatives

The need to undergo an elective surgery is a decision that a grown up person can make for him/herself. However, this is not an instant procedure without its own consequences. You will go through some degree of pain or discomfort, temporary hospitalization and a break from your daily occupation, and the process of recovery. A surgery procedure may be accompanied by complications, of which you should be aware before. All those issues will be easier to deal with when you have support from your spouse, parents, children, or friends.

4. Visit your best plastic surgeon

Before making up your mind on your choice of plastic surgeon, you should confirm his/her certification and license. This way, you will be under the care of an eligible and board-certified surgeon. For those of you who choose to undergo the procedure in Indonesia, make sure that your surgeon is a member of InaPRAS (Indonesian Association of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery), which is the only official association of plastic surgeons in the country.

Another factor you should take into account is the accessibility of your surgeon. Your surgeon should be easily accessible through clinics, hospitals, or websites. This is also important to accommodate easier postoperative consultations.

Another matter you may want to consider is whether to get a second opinion. A rushed planning from only a single consultation may lead to an immature decision. To achieve a firm decision, you should make time to get a second consultation, or make a visit to another equally qualified surgeon should you need one.

5. Do your meticulous consultation

Consultation session is the moment to ensure yourself that you are in a good hand. You have the right to ask questions and receive a thorough explanation from your doctor. Before you decide to undergo the surgery, you should understand every aspect regarding necessary physical evaluation and additional lab workups, steps of the procedure, type of anesthesia utilized, postoperative care, and possible complications.

Language should not be a setback for you to understand the procedure that you will go through. Explanation can be done with the help of sketches, animation, or pre and postoperative photos.

6. Organize your budget

A scrupulous financial planning is needed to avoid the temptation of “special offers” presented by beauty centers. If needed, have a discussion with your family before deciding to have the surgery.

Aesthetic plastic surgery is still considered a luxurious choice for most people, a tertiary necessity compared to more pressing matters such as health and education. Most medical insurance companies won’t fund this procedure in their service. Delaying the procedure is a wise decision should you have more pressing financial matters.

7. No hurry!

Planning for the surgery should be done carefully, and not in a rush. You will be asked to provide some time for an optimal postoperative recovery period. If you insist to have the surgery in a limited period, you will make it difficult for yourself. Your postoperative care may be inadequate. Furthermore, complications that might occur may not receive a proper treatment. Therefore, it is essential to provide enough time so that the whole procedure can be done optimally.

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